The H2020 3D'omics project

Three-dimensional holo’omic landscapes to unveil host-microbiota interactions shaping animal production is an exciting multi-disciplinary project across 11 countries.

Elucidation of the three-dimensional (3D) conformation of biomolecules in cells and tissues is an essential element for understanding biomolecular interactions. The EU-funded 3D-omics project aims to develop, optimise and implement knowledge of biomolecular interactions in application to animal production. The goal is to generate 3D omics landscapes, achieving reconstructions of intestinal host microbiota ecosystems. Using poultry and swine production systems, the project will analyse the effects of different factors, including animal development, diet, exposure to pathogens, and management practices on the 3D omics landscapes. The innovative research will pave the way to improved animal breeding practices, development of microbiota- and host-tailored feeds and animal health treatments, increasing production efficiency and animal welfare.